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AX60+ - Wall Mounted Carbon Dioxide Detector
G100-00N | Incubator CO2 Analyzer
G100-01N | Incubator CO2 Analyzer w/ RH Probe
G100-10N | Incubator CO2 and O2 Analyzer
G100-11N | Incubator CO2 and O2 Analyzer w/ RH Probe
G110-00N Multipurpose CO2 Analyzer
G110-01N | Multipurpose CO2 Analyzer w/ RH/T Probe
G110-10N | Multipurpose CO2 Analyzer and O2 Analyzer
G110-11N | Multipurpose CO2 and O2 Analyzer w/ RH/T Probe
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G200-00PKG Medical N2O Analyzer
G210-10N | Oxygen Analyzer Medical
G210-11PKG Piped Medical Multi-Gas Analyzer Package
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GfG G450 - Handheld Multi-Gas Sensor
Hard Carry Case Viasensor G100+Hard Carry Case Viasensor G100+
Humidity Data Logger with Probe and CableHumidity Data Logger with Probe and Cable
Moisture Trap Filter (Pack 2)Moisture Trap Filter (Pack 2)
Regulator and tubing for calibration gasRegulator and tubing for calibration gas
Soda Lime KitSoda Lime Kit
Soda Lime Kit
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Soft Carry CaseSoft Carry Case
Soft Carry Case
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Spare Sample tubeSpare Sample tube
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Spare water filters (pack of 10)
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Temperature probe 100mm SS tip
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Temperature probe 5mm tip

Portable CO2 Gas Analyzers | Laboratory Incubators

The new CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) analyzers are designed to monitor CO2 (and in some cases, O2) for multiple applications. Some of these applications include the Horticulture, Food Processing, Science Research, Medical Laboratory, and Brewing industries. These units have been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specification requirements that provide the user with a fast, simple-to-use analyzer. Each analyzer has a carbon dioxide sensor with built-in gas moisture removal, as well as improved accuracy on CO2 readings and quick verification of CO2 levels. The analyzers also feature large data storage and user friendly software for carbon dioxide monitoring and analysis. This carbon dioxide analyzer is also a time saving instrument because of its dual temperature probes, allowing for more versatile and accurate measurements in hard-to-reach areas. The CO2 is measured with the carbon dioxide sensor by custom dual infrared wavelengths. These units offer the most desirable qualities in a carbon dioxide analyzer: reliability, constant measurement, safety, and simplicity.

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