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AX60+ - Wall Mounted Carbon Dioxide DetectorAX60+ - Wall Mounted Carbon Dioxide Detector
G110-00N Multipurpose CO2 Analyzer
G150-11N Stowseek/Indoor Air Quality Analyzer
GfG G450 - Handheld Four-Gas SensorGfG G450 - Handheld Four-Gas Sensor
Humidity Data Logger with Probe and Cable
Incubator Analyzer CO2 (0-20%)Incubator Analyzer CO2 (0-20%)
Incubator Analyzer CO2 (0-20%) O2 (0-100%)Incubator Analyzer CO2 (0-20%) O2 (0-100%)
Incubator Analyzer CO2 (0-20%) O2 (0-100%) w/ RH ProbeIncubator Analyzer CO2 (0-20%) O2 (0-100%) w/ RH Probe
Incubator Analyzer CO2 (0-20%) w/ RH ProbeIncubator Analyzer CO2 (0-20%) w/ RH Probe
Gas Analyzer G200
Medical Analyzer N2O/CO/O2/CO2*Medical Analyzer N2O/CO/O2/CO2*
Medical Analyzer N2O/O2/CO2*
Temperature probe 100mm SS tip
Temperature Probe 5mm TipTemperature Probe 5mm Tip
USB Cable for Viasensor G-SeriesUSB Cable for Viasensor G-Series
Viansensor Stepdown Regulator (G-Steppr)Viansensor Stepdown Regulator (G-Steppr)
Viasensor Calibration KitViasensor Calibration Kit
Viasensor G-Series Battery ChargerViasensor G-Series Battery Charger
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Viasensor Hard Carry CaseViasensor Hard Carry Case
Viasensor Hard Carry Case
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Viasensor Moisture Trap FiltersViasensor Moisture Trap Filters
Viasensor Soda Lime KitViasensor Soda Lime Kit
Viasensor Soft Carrying CaseViasensor Soft Carrying Case
Viasensor Spare PTFE Filter (10pk.)Viasensor Spare PTFE Filter (10pk.)
Viasensor Spare Sample Tube KitViasensor Spare Sample Tube Kit

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